Directed & Produced by Mostafa Keshvari

Starring Sara: Omran & Hani Mefti

Canadian (GrandMuse Pictures) - 2018

Unmasked’ is a a female empowering feature film about a Muslim immigrant woman in North America.  The film has won dozens of awards and continues to win more in festival showings. It is written, produced and directed by a filmmaker telling a story with a global humanitarian message.



Written & directed by Mostafa Keshvari

Produced by Ingo Lou & Mostafa Keshvari
Canadian - 2018


A short drama TIC film about child marriage inspired by a true story.
A child bride is forced to sacrifice her childhood for her family to survive; her wedding night doesn't go as planned...




"music box"

Writer/director/producer: Mostafa Keshvari

Animator: Jóse Miguel Paucara

Lead voiceover actress: Leeza Udovenko

Music: Jordan Irwin

Canadian - 2017

A ballerina dances in a music box to other people’s tunes as she struggles to find her own voice.
Music box is an animation about women’s freedom in a dystopian modern world where everyone and everything sound the same. It’s about finding our own unique inner voice and following it.




by Reza Moosaei.

Canada – 2019
Length 45 min

In this first episode of "Love and Marriage Around the World" we travel to the remote Aeta tribe of the Philippines to witness their age old ritual and celebration of a young couples marriage."



Length 3 x 90 min. segments

In this film trilogy we follow a CIA agent, nicknamed Python, operating in the Middle East. Based on a true story.



The Pristine Coast

by Scott Renyard

Canada – 2014
Length 149 min

“If you thought The Inconvenient Truth was an eco-horror movie, The Pristine Coast is The Fishery of the Living Dead.”


The Exhibition

by Damon Vignale

Canada – 2012 
Length 90 min
An artist faces public opposition as she struggles to mount a large scale exhibition of paintings based on a police poster of missing women, twenty-six of which are found dead on a serial killer’s farm



Rob Stewart
Documentary Film Maker

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