What is Horizon Motion Pictures?

Horizon Motion Pictures has been an independent distributor of film and television content on the international scale since 1992. Based in Vancouver, the company represents a range of film genres and continuously develops the cultural and commercial significance of their titles. Horizon Motion Pictures has an active buyers list of over 200 clients and a marketing relationship with over 4000 buyers worldwide. Previously they have partnered with Cinando, Odyssey Media Inc., Roller Coaster Pictures, and The Academy of Canadian Film and Television. Since its founding, the company has evolved from a representative body to a network of the possibilities between projects and their audiences.

Our  Mission

Horizon continues to develop screenplays and television shows while establishing a foreign sales company to distribute third party producer’s films. Horizon is now actively involved as a sales agent in the International marketplace and has a catalogue of films from Canada, the US, and Japan that are actively marketed at AFM, Cannes Market, MIP, MIFED, and the London Screenings.


Our  Vision

We have adapted to the changing marketplace through diversification of content and integration of digital distribution models. We continuously take on critically and commercially acclaimed projects with the potential to expand into further sales markets. As a distributor, we invest individually in the projects of our clients, dedicated as both artists and industry professionals.

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